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Property Management

Care-free renting! We can manage your property for you.

Are you moving to another country or do you own different properties, then you might need to outsource the management of your property. By giving your house(s) in management, we are the first point of contact for your tenants at the moment defects occur in or around the house and when the tenant does not pay the rent on time. We attach a lot of value to personalised service and to work out issues efficiently. Imagine you never have to worry about the management of your property again!

We can manage the following:

  1. Administrative management
    There is a lot to consider when renting out a property, as well as keeping the paperwork and administration. We can ensure that your entire administration regarding the rental of your property is managed professionally.
  2. Financial management
    We manage an extensive debtor and creditor administration for you. Among other things, we take care of the timely collection of the monthly rent and payment of creditors invoices.
  3. Technical management
    We make sure that technical issues will be taken care of and we coordinate maintenance assignments when needed. We work together with a reliable network of partners, like contractors and advisors.

Don’t want to worry about renting out your place?

Let us manage your property

What are the costs?

For the management of your property we charge a percentage of the final rental price. When you choose to outsource your administrative and financial management you pay 4% (ex. 21 % tax) over the final rental price. Would you also like to outsource your property on a technical level. Then we charge 6% of the final rental price. Technical management is always in combination with administrative and financial management.

We love to come by your place and give you an accurate advice about the rental possibilities and rental price.

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