If you have an ideal tenant, you then collect the monthly rent yourself, take care of the annual rent increase and the tenant approaches you in case of complaints or repairs. However, not every rental experience is the same and problems occur.

Let us manage the process

If you are abroad or simply don’t have time to deal with the complaints or requests from the tenant, then we will gladly take care of the financial and / or technical management of the house. We ensure that you do not have to worry about your property and just have to enjoy the monthly income. In addition, it can provide tax benefits if you outsource the rental and management of your property to a professional party.

Financial management

If you outsource the rental period management of your property to Amsterdam Property Renting, you do not have to worry about the rent collection. We collect the rent from the tenant and ensure that you receive the rent through us at the beginning of the new month. Does the tenant not pay, too late or too little? Then we will take the necessary measures to prevent this.

Technical management

Many things can break in a home. If we carry out the technical management for you, then you do not have to worry about how to fix it. We are the point of contact for your tenants and will always check first whether we can solve the complaint ourselves, free of charge. We have fixed agreements with professionals, so you are assured of the highest quality and you never pay more than necessary.

Does the tenant leave at the end of the rental period? Then we carry out the end inspection for you as well and arrange the necessary deductions or refunds from the deposited amount.

Rent out again

If you want to rent the house again after your tenant has left, as soon as the tenant gives notice, we will advertising and immediately start the search for a new tenant. So that the chance of vacancy is minimal and that a new tenant is available to move in immediately after departure of the previous tenant.

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