Renting out a house or apartment can be financially beneficial. But it  also involves risks. A good rental agent knows what points to pay attention to ensure a safe rental period for both parties.

Here are some of the key points:

Screening is the process where we collect the requested documents from the potential tenant and then double check the authenticity and correctness. We also look into the possibility of this candidate causing discomfort to the neighbors and whether they have any past incidents with their previous landlords.  A thorough screening is by standard included in our services.

If your tenant wants to sublet the property fully or partially to someone else, then your explicit permission is mandatory. In case your tenant sublets the house without your knowledge, subletting is banned by law if stated in the rental agreement.

A valuation system for rental housing, the Housing Assessment System (in Dutch: woningwaarderingstelsel, WWS), better known as the points system, applies throughout the Netherlands. Make sure you know the number of points your house has
Make a calculation of the points before the start of the rent, so you know how many points your house has exactly. 

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