How to Find Accommodation for Your Employees

It is a challenge to relocate your employees who move in to Amsterdam region from abroad. Rental accommodations in Amsterdam are limited and you’d want to give your foreign employees and their family members a good start for their stay in the Netherlands. Amsterdam Property Renting can help save you a lot of time and energy by quickly finding the right rental property for your expat(s), and guide them during the entire rental period.

Amsterdam Property Renting has years of experience as a rental agent in the Amsterdam region, finding the right home(s) for expats and other employees. We always protect your interests and act on your behalf. In addition, we also arrange the TV / internet connection, gas / water / electricity and, if necessary, the furniture.

How does the process work?

  • An Amsterdam Property Renting agent looks into your housing requirements and examines the feasibility.
  • Based on the housing requirements indicated by your company / employee, we start the search for suitable housing.
  • Amsterdam Property Renting offers your company / employee at least 3 suitable rental options, and you decide which ones you want to view;
  • Together with one of our agents, your company representative / employee visit the various rental properties. Viewings via Skype or Facetime are also possible if your employee is still abroad.
  • Amsterdam Property Renting negotiates on behalf of your company / employee in your interest with the landlord about the conditions, such as the rent, starting date, length of the rental period, rental price and so on. 
  • When the application is approved, we guide you throughout the rental process. 
  • Amsterdam Property Renting draws up the correct rental agreement. You receive the agreement in advance of the check-in time, and we go through the articles together. 
  • Before the check-in date, you must provide the first month’s rent, the deposit and our agency fee.
  • Amsterdam Property Renting accompanies your employee during the check-in and, together with you, creates an extensive inspection report of the house with photos. 
  • As per request, Amsterdam Property Renting can arrange the connection of G / W / L and internet / TV. 
  • We can also supplement the existing furniture or fully furnish an unfurnished house at extra costs.

If you are looking for suitable accommodation for one or more employees, call or email us. We will be happy to discuss the options with you.

How can we help you?

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