How to Rent Out Your House

How to Rent Out Your House

Let a professional manage your rental property!

Do you want to rent out your house or apartment? You will look for the highest possible benefit while making sure you find the best tenants and go through a seamless rental period legally.

If you let us professional do this for you, you can go stress-free. We arrange everything for you and know all the ins and outs of the constantly changing rental market. We stand up for your interests and make sure that everything is legally correct.

Amsterdam Property Renting specializes in renting out to mainly expats. We always ensure that you have a reliable tenant. Let us manage the whole rental process on your behalf and act as an intermediary from finding the tenant to contract extension, and everything in between.  

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The 6 steps of the rental process

Contact us directly via our Contact Forms and we will give you a call to answer all your questions.

If you decide to rent out your property through Amsterdam Property Renting, we will arrange a day to photograph and video record the inside of the house to be able to list it on website and share it with our tenant database.

Do you want to rent out the property furnished, or do you prefer unfurnished? Do you allow a tenant to have a pet? And so on. You are the owner of the house, so you decide.

During this meeting, we will also provide you with comprehensive information about tenancy laws and regulations and will also issue substantiated rental advice based on our experience and the current market conditions. Do you have any other questions? Do not hesitate to ask them during the conversation!

During this appointment we also take beautiful pictures and note the characteristics of the house. With this we will draw up an appealing advertisement in Dutch and English with an extensive photo report.

We find the best potential candidates who meet your criteria and present them to you for your approval.

For those candidates that you approve, we schedule viewings.

Once the landlord and the tenant both agree to go ahead with the rental contract, we prepare the contract that specifies the conditions that both parties agreed to.

Once the contract is signed, on the day of the key transfer we make sure to inspect the house with photos to prove the condition in which the rental property is being transferred to the tenant.

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