Rent Out to Amsterdam Property Renting

When you use Amsterdam Property Renting services only to find the tenant and arrange the rental process, we take over these parts. After the key is transferred to the tenant, you are the point of contact for the tenant. Or alternatively, you can choose to let us manage your home(s) fully from finding the tenant to collecting the rent, the annual rent increase, complaint handling, repairs and minor maintenance.

Some landlords choose to rent out their home to directly to Amsterdam Property Renting. We then become your tenant and pay you a decent monthly rent. So you are completely unburdened with the management of the property. You receive your rent directly from us.

How does the process work?

  • You offer your house to Amsterdam Property Renting to rent.
  • We view the house and determine if the house has sufficient points to rent in the free sector and what the state of the house is.
  • If we want to rent the house from you we offer you a rental price.
  • If you accept our offer, we make a mutual rental agreement.

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