Rent Out to an Expat

Who is an expat?

Expats are highly educated foreign employees who come to work and live in the Netherlands temporarily. Their employers sponsor them to move to the Netherlands. To ensure that the Netherlands is attractive for expats to come and work here, expats benefit from a regulation called 30% tax ruling. As a result of this tax measure for expats, during the first 5 years of their stay in the Netherlands, 30% of their salary is exempt from taxes. This makes their net monthly income much higher.

Expats often rent unfurnished houses as their own furniture travels with them. If they have rented out their own house in the home country, they usually do not have furniture and will want to rent a furnished home.

Some expats are however relatively young and often single or a couple without children. They prefer to live in a furnished house near the city centre and / or public transport, ranging from a studio to a 1-bedroom / 2-bedroom apartment. So there is not a standard type of homes that is rented by expats. Depending on the budget and housing requirements, homes for expats vary from studios to detached villas and everything in between.

Is renting out to expats better?

An expat usually has the financial means to pay a higher rent than a Dutch tenant. Therefore, many landlords prefer to rent out their home to an expat. Also, they stay about 1-3 years in the Netherlands, so that the landlord is certain that he / she will then have access to the property again. Ideal for landlords who do not want to rent indefinitely.