Temporary Rental

It used to be difficult to rent out your house or apartment temporarily or short term. Due to changed legislation, it is now easier to temporarily rent out your properties. With the right rental agreement, the tenant cannot claim tenancy rights after the agreed rental period.

Use the right rental agreement

Amsterdam Property Renting will guide you and prepare the right rental agreement considering your specific situation. Even if you found a tenant yourself, we can prepare the contract for you.

Rental agreement types such as  rental agreement for a fixed period of max. 2 years or rental agreement for a definite period with a diplomatic clause or using the  the vacancy law can all be applied based on your specific case.

Important points for temporary rental

  • If you have a mortgage for the property you want to rent out, you should check the conditions. Usually you need permission from the mortgage lender to rent out the house. If you want to rent out temporarily and you make use of the right lease, mortgage lenders are generally more lenient.  However, it differs per provider whether you will get permission.
  • In the event of temporary rental, the insurer may decide to limit the coverage of the building or liability insurance. This means that you may not be insured for damage from burglary, water damage and glass damage.  So inform your insurer in time that you want to rent out the home and discuss the options for limiting the risks. 
  • Check with your tax advisor if there are any tax related consequences if you rent out your property temporarily.

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