Rental packages

Every landlord has different requirements. With Amsterdam Property Renting, you can choose from the available service packages .

We provide all services related to your rental property management. You can purchase individual services or choose from our service packages.


From deciding on a fair rental price to advertising the property, screening the potential candidates, preparing the rental contract and taking care of the complaints or malfunctions in the house during the whole rental period, it can be troublesome for you. 

So why not get assistance from a good rental agent! Or outsource some parts of the process and do others yourself. For example, you can choose to let us advertise, find the tenant and prepare the contract. You can, in this case, provide the photos and be present at the viewings.

Why choose Amsterdam Property Renting?

  • 90% of the rental properties we manage are rented out within 14 days.
  • We specialize in rentals solely.
  • We provide a reliable rental pricing advice.
  • We advertise on various channels form websites to social media platforms.
  • We also work with fellow brokers, relocators, companies and active seekers.
  • A thorough screening is guaranteed.
  • The responsibility of preparing the legal contract is ours.
  • We negotiate the highest possible rent for you.
  • We provide honesty and transparency to both landlords and tenants.
  • We have years of experience and know the regional rental market very well.
  • We offer various rental packages you can choose from.

Overview of our packages

Rental mediation

Searching and finding the

tenant for your property and

preparing the contract.



Financial management of the

rented accommodation.


Financial & Technical management

Management of both the

rent payments and technical

malfunctions in the house

during the rental period.


If you want to rent out your

property but also want to

take care of many aspects

yourself, you can choose

any individual service you

want us to do for you.